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Alexandria Idol 2009 Kallan Round 2

Here is Kallan singing
"Leave it all to me"

Alexandria Idol 2009 Joey Round 2

Here is Joey singing
"This time"
in round 2

Alexandria Idol 2009 Taylor Round 2

Here is Taylor singing
"Jesus take the wheel"
in round 2


Alexandria Idol 2009 Nicole Round 2

Here is Nicole with her 2nd song
"Love Story"
I shorten this song also so it would load better...

Alexandria Idol 2009 Audra Round 2

Here is a Audra with her 2nd round selection
"My Song"
I have made it shorter that the original
as I could not get the longer version to download...


KIKV Fall and Winter Sports Show This Saturday!

Come out to the Viking Plaza Mall
Saturday, September 12, 2009
to check out the
KIKV Fall & Winter Outdoor Show
Exhibits Open 10 am - 5 pm
If you're into outdoor sports in the fall & winter
you have to attend this show!
We'll have the mall filled with exciting
indoor and outdoor activities.
Hunting, fishing, ATV's, to food plots, snowmobiles & more.


All that Jazz

was sung in the 2nd round by Lindsey

All I can say is WOW!